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The giveaway will end on 10th May!
I’m choosing the winners with this site, so it’s super fair :-)

1st Place:

5 million bells
every tool in gold! (slingshot, rod, net, shovel, can, axe)
bubble wand
bunny balloon (blue)
indigo pinwheel 
rose sofa (in red (you can customize ‘em))
pumpkin pie
toy hammer
2nd Place
3 million bells
hair bow wig
silver tools (axe, slingshot, net, shovel, rod)
ballon (green or blue you decide)
bubble wand
surfin’ k.k (melody box)
indigo pinwheel
3rd Place
2,5 million bells
white wet suit
flashy hairpin
left balloon
veggie basket
surfin’ K.K (melody box)
bubble wand

(via bibi design 薄手トレンチコート・夢見更新)

Geeking out!
I haven’t played for weeks due to college and work stuff, but it’s nice to return to the game with a pleasant surprise like this :)

I’m sorry Pietro, college made me do it.

What my little sister does in class.
Found a cicada shell outside my house. Animal Crossing in real life :)
Mayor Taurena of Genna: ACNL PAJAMA PARTY


Doing this again because the other post didn’t get much attention, but HEY! I was thinking, and it’d be totally cool to throw a pajama party in ACNL.

Basically, it’ll be an event across a few towns that will have their gates open. Just put on your pajamas and go…

(Source: pachitown)